May 12, 2010

Our New Car!!

I have been as been driving a 2004 Mazda 3 wagon for the last 4 years. It has been a great little car. I drove A LOT doing home and school based therapy for the last 4 years and the gas mileage on my Mazda has been wonderful. Since it is a wagon the back seats fold down and provided lots of room for transporting larger items. It has had plenty of room for road trips to visit family or go on vacation and Hiro has always been comfortable in the backseat.

However, when we found out we were having a baby, we knew we were going to need to get a bigger car. I really wanted to get an SUV. My Mazda was the first vehicle I owned that had not been an SUV and while l loved it, I was ready to get back into and SUV. We started looking around and narrowed our pick down to a Subaru Forester with the new body style. We have been looking off and on for awhile, but we needed to get my car paid off first. Plus we had a long list of things we wanted the Forester to have and we had not found one that met all our requirements until now.

On Sunday I was bored and decided to look at cars online while all my boys (Jon, Aedan and Hiro) took a nap. I didn’t find anything in the Austin area so I decided to search in the Dallas area since we are planning a trip up there in a couple of weeks. That is when I found this 2009 Forester in Denton.


I knew it was prefect! I showed it to Jon and he was impressed too. Monday morning he called and talked to the dealer and everything was looking like it was going to work out. Today Jon was going to drive up to Denton and trade in my Mazda and buy the Forester. But a good friend suggested we go by the Subaru dealership in Austin and let them know we are headed up to by a 2009, but would be interested in a 2010 if they could give us a good deal.

After spending almost all day at the dealership and lots of negotiating, Jon came home with one a 2010 Forester in my top color choice (dark gray).


Both cars had everything we wanted. The 2009 was an XT Premium and the 2010 is an XT Limited so it has a few extras that are super nice. It was a difficult decision and I would have been happy with either, but in the end we got the new one. It is a step up from the used one, and we got a great interest rate on our loan. The dealership also gave us more than we expected for my Mazda. 

We took the new car out tonight to meet some friends for dinner and I have to say, I LOOOOOVVVVEEE it! I’m pretty sure Aedan and I might just have to make up some errands that we “need” to run tomorrow.

The timing is perfect, since we are driving up to Plano next weekend. Aedan’s carseat was already a pain to get into the Mazda, I had no idea how we were going fit all of our stuff, plus Aedan’s stuff and Hiro’s stuff in my car for the weekend. Now his carseat fits great and we don’t have to move the front seats way up to fit it in (so nice). We should have room for all our stuff for our first weekend trip with Aedan!



The Haynes Family said...

oooh yay!!! how exciting to get a new, roomy car!

please let me know if you need to borrow anything while you're up here. bouncer, swing, play mat, bassinet, spare clothes, we have it all (and you are welcome to use it!). :)

Chelsa said...

that's great that you got such a great deal!! :) it's really cute! i'm sure you will love all the extra room!