May 26, 2010

Aedan’s First Weekend Away

We had a good weekend visiting my family in Plano. We were able to fit everything in our new car perfectly. Aedan did fairly well on the drive up and the drive back. He cried for a little while before he feel asleep each way, but since he hates his carseat I was worried he would cry much more than he did. I seriously thought about bringing earplugs for Jon and I. :)

packed car

He was a little more cranky than usual over the weekend. I think it was because his naps have been (and still are) out of whack. He slept well at night despite being in a new place. In fact my parent’s babysat Friday night, after Aedan went to sleep, so Jon and I could go out and they didn’t hear a peep from him. Jon and I went on a double date with my good friend Amanda and her boyfriend Chris. They took us to a yogurt bar called Yogilicious. It was yummy and fun. In fact I would love some frozen yogurt right now.


On Saturday we hung around my parent’s house. Aedan got to meet a few of my mom’s friends and take a few walks to the park near their house. I can’t wait until he is old enough to play at the park.

We left Sunday morning and as soon as we got home Aedan was all smiles. My mom had tried to get him to smile ALL weekend, but the only time he would smile was in the early morning when I would get him up or when he was with Jon or my sister upstairs. I think he was a little overwhelmed being in a new place. Plus my parent’s have a lab and Hiro LOVES it there, so he was more hyper and made the house louder than Aedan is used to. Hopefully next time we go up there, Aedan will be his normal self (even though that still means being grumpy for part of the day…I think he gets it from his daddy).

Aedan did love to look at my sister. I took him into her room Saturday morning to wake her up and he just lay there staring and chuckling at her. Then throughout the day he would just stare and smile at her. Too cute!

Speaking of being grumpy, Aedan’s nap problems have not gotten better. He is still doing wonderful at night (8/8:30pm to 6/6:30am every night straight) and I am so thankful. But he used to take great naps as well. Now he wakes up 45 min into his naps and will only go back to sleep if I put him in his swing. I have tried just about everything (feeding him – he is not hungry, rocking him back to sleep – as soon as I lay him back down his eyes pop open and he is wide awake, putting him down earlier and later for naps…). I’m pretty sure he is having trouble transitioning to a new sleep cycle since it is every 45 min like clock work. Basically I have been putting him in his swing and if he falls back to sleep in 5 min or so I let him finish his nap there and if he doesn’t go back to sleep we play until its time to eat again. He still goes down for naps super easily, in fact now it only takes me about 5 min of sitting with him and then I put him in his crib still awake but drowsy and he is out in just a couple of min. Is this just a phase? Any advice?



The Haynes Family said...

my mom once told me that once you think you have a schedule down, it changes. I would guess it's a phase. Jackson went through that too, great sleeper at night, but then no naps (maybe 25-30 minutes) during the day. Just roll with it :) Eventually he will settle into a routine that works. Now Jackson sleeps from (ready for this?!?!) 7pm to 9-10AM!!! and then takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Today it was a 3.5 hour nap though. I expect Aedan's sleep schedule will change a lot until he's about 12-15 months. Then he'll settle into one nap a day (from 11-2ish) for awhile :)

Chelsa said...

corbin also sleeps form 8ish to 6ish... he hadn't been sleeping as well for his afternoon nap and waking up about 45 to an hour into it, but today he slept for 3 hours so i am hoping it was just a phase!