May 21, 2010

A Couple of Issues


This little guy has decided that he no longer needs to take long naps. He has been doing GREAT at night and sleeping 10+ hours consistently. However during the day we are on an eat/play/sleep schedule and he eats about every 3 hours. He used to eat and then stay up for 1 to 1.5 hours. Then he would take a 1.5 to 2 hours nap. This week he has decided that a 45 minute nap is all he needs. Sigh. He is not hungry when he wakes up and clearly not grumpy (see above picture) so I guess he is getting enough sleep.

He has also decided that he doesn’t really like bottles anymore. We had been giving him a bottle at least once a day since he was about 2 weeks old and never had any problems. It was great because Jon could help out with the feedings (including the night ones). Well over the last few weeks Jon has been working a lot so I have been doing all the day feedings and Aedan hasn’t been getting up at night so we haven’t had to do any night feedings. :) Since it is harder for me to pump and then get a bottle ready, I have just been nursing him. Over the weekend we gave him a couple bottles and he just acted like he wasn’t hungry. I have been trying to give him a bottle everyday since and he will drink about half of what he normally would and then acts like he is not hungry. I know he is still hungry so then I nurse him afterward and sure enough he eats more.

Other than the nap and bottle issue he has been such a great baby lately. He is happy and all smiles most of the time. We are headed to my parent’s house for the weekend, so hopefully he will keep up the good mood.


Update: I wrote this post yesterday and last night I tried giving Aedan a bottle before bed, and wouldn’t you know he took it like he had never had a problem. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I worried for nothing. I am hoping he keeps taking the bottle without a problem, especially this weekend. I know there will be a grandmother and an aunt that would love to feed him!

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Chelsa said...

he is such a cutie!!

have fun visiting your family!!