May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

We love our mothers and grandmothers so much! We hope they know just how special they are to us.

This year I got to celebrate Mother’s Day for the first time as well! Jon got up and fed Aedan for me last night and got picked up lunch for us this afternoon. I also got my first Mother’s Day card, signed by all my boys (Jon, Aedan and Hiro).

This afternoon Jon and Aedan are going to spend some quality time together (aka Jon has baby duty) and I think I may go out and do a little shopping. Jon also said I could make a list of things I’d like done around the house since he knows how much I love a clean house. :)

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Mother’s Day and a great weekend!



Chelsa said...

hope you had a great 1st mother's day!

Katie said...

Happy first Mother's Day!!