Oct 22, 2010

It’s Time

Dear Medela Pump in Style,

You have been wonderful. You and I have become very close over the last 7 months. You came into our home just a day after we brought our little guy home from the hospital.

We have had many early morning and late night sessions along with a few sessions during the day. You came with me on weekend trips, including my first weekend away from Aedan. You even accompanied me at an all day wedding celebration. Remember when we had a session in the waxing room at a salon that day? Fun times.

When Aedan refused to take a bottle for 2 straight months, you and I continued our relationship and built up quite a frozen supply of milk. Unfortunately we later found out that my milk did not freeze well and ended up throwing away what seemed like gallons of “liquid gold”. Not to worry, it wasn’t your fault, you did your job well.

When we did Bottle Boot camp about 3 months ago and I decided I was done with actual nursing, you and I got even closer. Together we pumped enough milk to make Aedan bottles each and everyday until he was 6 months old. That is when we slowly began to have less frequent and shorter sessions. I hope you weren’t hurt, it is just how it needed to be.

Now here we are. Aedan is 7 months old and you and I have only been meeting in the mornings for awhile now. I’m pretty sure you saw this coming but I wanted to make it official. Yes Medela Pump, it is time for us to break up. I hope there will be no hard feelings and that you know about much I appreciated your service. However, I have to say that as I pack up all the parts and move you from you old home of the kitchen table to your new home in the closet, I am not sad. Not at all. No more getting up 15 minutes before Aedan. No more begin excited to go to bed only to realize that I had not pumped yet. No more washing and washing and washing all the parts that come along with you. Maybe we will get back together in a few years when/if Aedan’s brother or sister comes along, but until then goodbye it is.




Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Too funny! Love it!!!

Lari said...

Well said. You were at least nice enough to write a letter. I just packed that thing away- in a storage container that is NOT SEE THROUGH! So, I won't be seeing that thing again till #2 comes along.... a long time from now. In all seriousness, you should be proud you stuck to it this long. When it's time, it's time. Pumping is a pain in the butt, and often an inconvenience, but a sacrifice well-worth all the "trouble". It's a love-hate relationship. :)