Oct 2, 2010

Lets Try This Again

Our first baby, Hiro, has lots of hair. I mean a lot of hair or I guess maybe I should say fur! I could probably sweep and vacuum every.single.day and there would still be hair/fur on our floor. I know this is part of having a dog. I grew up with dogs and various other pets like cats, ferrets, birds, and fish (not all at once, but we always had lots of animals around). We LOVE Hiro. I will gladly sweep and vacuum every day (which I will probably have to start doing once Aedan starts moving around) because Hiro is our baby and he is so important to our family.

Now it is one thing to have fur on the floor but Hiro also LOVES to be on the couch, which means fur all over the couch too. To be fair we started this bad habit when he was a little bitty puppy. We would put him up on the couch because he couldn’t get down by himself and we knew he wouldn’t get into anything if he was up there. Plus how cute was he?


Well over a year ago we tried to break this couch habit because I was tried of cleaning off the couch. My parents had a great idea to keep their dog off the couch and we decided to try it. It worked great, until we got too lazy to put the plastic covers on the couch before bed or before we left the house. Thus it went back to this…


So this week I decided I was really tired of cleaning off the couch. On Monday Hiro walked into the house COVERED in grass and proceeded to jump on the couch and take a nap. Sigh. Enough was enough. So out came the plastic covers which had been living under the couch and Hiro has had to sleep on the floor for the week. He is a little shocked. But he has a nice bed in our room and I make a bed for him on the living room floor every night so no need to feel sorry for him.

Hiro.Bed.03 (ignore his sad look in this picture, he is not a fan of having his picture taken)

On Tuesday I was gone for most of the afternoon. I blocked the couch and when I got home I gave Hiro an extra treat because I felt a little bad about him not being able to sleep on the couch. I told him he was such a good boy and gave him lots of attention. Then I walked into our bedroom. There on our bed was a pile of grass/dirt and fur. Fail. Apparently Hiro is a bit passive aggressive and since I blocked the couch, he thought he should just get on the bed (which he NEVER does without “asking”). Sigh. Since then he hasn’t gotten back up on the bed or the couch so maybe it was a one time thing. In any case I am enjoying having a much cleaner couch and loveseat. Hopefully we will keep it up.


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