Oct 11, 2010

Things We Love Part 7

I’m back with things we have loved this month! Aedan has been so much fun this last month and we have been using lots of new things.

First I picked up a few sippy cups at Target a few weeks ago and Aedan has been practicing with water.


We have a couple of these double handle cups with straws. They are perfect because they are small enough for Aedan to pick up and since they have a straw he doesn’t have to tilt the cup to get a drink. He is getting better about using them, but still has some trouble with the straw.





We also have a couple of these sippy cups and they are also great. Aedan is a pro at drinking from this type of sippy, but he doesn’t tilt the cup back on his own. I’m sure he will figure it out before long.

He also LOVES to drink from cups. Whenever I’m holding him and grab a glass of water, he sits there with his month open.



This month Aedan moved out of his newborn bath seat to this bath ring. We love it! He is great at sitting by himself, but not in the bathtub yet. This allows him to sit up like a big kid and play with his toys without me worrying that he is going to fall over backwards. We also took this with us to Plano this last weekend and used it as a highchair. We just plopped him down on the table or counter and feed him.


Aedan was getting pretty close to maxing out of his carseat (he is 20lbs and it maxes out at 25lbs). Before we drove to Plano this last weekend we decided to get him a new seat. We went with this one because is doesn’t have that velvety fabric that most car seats have (it just gets so hot here) and he won’t max out of it until he is 65lbs! Its a convertible carseat so he can be rear facing until at least a year and then he can face forward.


Since he out grew his little carseat with the pop off carrier, he now gets to sit in the shopping cart like a big kid. I’ve been looking for a cart cover for awhile but they are just so expensive and I didn’t like any of the patterns. Last week I was at a second hand baby store and found this one. For $10 I couldn’t pass it up. It works great and Aedan loves it. In fact just today Aedan and I went to the grocery store for a long list of things, and he did great even though we had to wait in super long checkout lines (note to self: don’t go to the grocery store on a holiday). It also doubles as a play mat which is a nice bonus.


For the last month I have been putting Aedan in his crib for some independent play time once or twice a day. He loves it! I usually turn on some music and give him some toys and he has a ball. He also loves to look at his crib soother. We have had this in his crib since he was a newborn, but we never really turned it on when he was going to sleep. Now that he is playing in his crib, I turn it on for him and he really likes it. He has almost figured out how to turn it on himself. he gets that you pat it, but he keeps missing the buttons. :)


So those are all things we have loved this month. Anyone have favorite things for a 7-9 month old?


P.S. Our internet was out from Wednesday night until today. Talk about frustrating, I guess I never realized just how much I use/rely on the internet. We are so glad to be back up and running!


Chelsa said...

i realized earlier today that you hadn't posted for awhile!

corbin gets so frustrated w/ the sippy cup- he LOVES to drink out of a real cup but he gets mad and FLINGS the sippy! yikes- he has a temper!

that bath ring looks great! i sit corbin up now, but i am always terrified he'll tip backwards b/c he gets so excited playing and splashing!

Brandi said...

Hi. I remembered seeing a post of yours about the bath ring, and here it is. Where did you buy it? I have looked at Babies R Us and Target and they don't carry them online or in the store. Thanks

Lauren and Jon said...

I got the bath ring at Buy Buy Baby, but I have also found it on Amazon. :)