Oct 18, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I feel like the weeks are just flying by! I’m adding a second client to my case load and now it looks like I may be adding a 3rd and a 4th. Now I just need to decide if I want a 4th case. Aedan is going to have to go to the sitter’s house twice a week now and that is really the most I want him to go until he is older. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I’m just thankful that we have business coming in and that I have a flexible schedule.

On Friday night we headed out to the park for our family picnic. This time our good friend Aaron and his two boys joined us. It was lots of fun! Plus Aaron is a great photographer, he took my maternity pictures and has taken our family pictures for the last two years. He let me borrow one of his lenses and I love it. I’m pretty sure that I will be adding it to my birthday wish list.

On Saturday and Sunday we ran some errands but mostly just hung around the house. Weekends are so nice now that Jon has them off. :) The weather was great so we spend a lot of time outside.




Love these boys!!


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Chelsa said...

Aedan's hair looks like it is getting a lot longer!