Oct 26, 2010

Oh Halloween

We have a love hate relationship.

I love fall and for me Halloween means fall. It usually means cooler temperatures (even though it was 90 degrees here yesterday!), pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, soups, chili, corn bread, boots, scarves…I could go on and on. So why the love hate relationship?

Because of this



I almost bought a huge bag of Halloween candy that last time we were at Costco. That would have been a huge mistake. I guarantee that I would have had to buy more candy because there is no way I could have lasted all month with candy sitting around. I have a huge sweet tooth. Really it is probably more like sweet teeth. Believe it of not I have only had a few cavities even though I have a huge weakness when it comes to sweets. I attribute it to the the fact that I floss my teeth everyday, have good genes?

Today I went to the grocery store and I knew that I needed to buy candy since I won’t be back until after Halloween. I bought this candy this morning and I have already had one two three pieces. Add the fact that I have 3 reports to write this week and am already a little stressed, I am sure I will be making a good dent in this bowl of candy before the doorbell starts ringing Monday night!.



jen mccrady said...

um i've practially LIVED on those milk duds for the last 2 weeks. yikes.

Chelsa said...

ohhh i have the biggest sweet tooth as well! i also have not bought my candy yet b/c i know i will eat it!