Jun 7, 2010

Our Weekend

Jon had a job on Saturday just minutes from my parent’s house so we decided to make a weekend of it. We headed to Plano on Friday and hit tons of traffic in Dallas. It made for a very long hour of a screaming baby and bumper to bumper traffic. Aedan was kind of off Friday night, I think being in the car for so long really takes a toll on his routine. Friday night was pretty uneventful and Jon and I went to bed early.

On Saturday I took Aedan up to the pool where I used to work. My sister still lifeguards there so we got in for free. They have a great baby pool area. IMG_3609It has beach type entry so it is perfect for laying out. One of the benefits of knowing everyone at the pool is that we got to go early and have it all to ourselves. 31514_574443424055_44406677_33137299_495846_nAedan passed out and took a long nap in the shade while my sister and I got some sun a few feet away in the water. When he woke up we sat with him in the shade and stuck his feet in the water. He was not super happy but didn’t hate it. I am hoping he warms up to the water. I LOVED the water as a baby and a as a little kid. I grew up taking swimming lessons and being on swim teams all the way through high school. I have to have a child that likes to swim too, right?



By the time we were done at the pool Jon was done working for the day. We spent the afternoon relaxing at my parent’s house. My best friend Amanda came over to see Aedan. The last time we were in town she came over after he was already asleep. Unfortunately he was pretty worn out from the morning and went down for a super long afternoon nap a few minutes after she came over. She and I had a nice long visit out in my parent’s backyard. The have a little swing area under a huge shade tree, it is such a great place to relax.

Saturday night after Aedan went to sleep, Jon and I went out to dessert at BJ’s Brewery. 58e734546d0d59fc_mWe were both pretty tired but we felt like we should take advantage of the free babysitting. It was nice to spend some quality time together and who can resist a pizookie!  We had also gone for a run earlier in the afternoon (I’m on week 3 of my couch to 5k workout and still loving it), so I felt like the cookie and ice cream was well deserved. :)




On Sunday Jon, Aedan, my sister and I headed back up the the pool in the morning. 31079_817273854577_9634942_44333478_6428596_nThis time Aedan sat in the water. He still didn’t love it, but progress is progress. Right?  And how cute is Aedan in his little swim trunks? My sister-in-law bought him some cute swim trunks before he was born, but they are already too small so we had to get a new pair. This is him sitting with my little sister. He LOVES her. Every time she comes over to him he starts smiling.







Jon has another job today in Arlington and since he had to be there at 8am, he went ahead and drove there last night. My dad is making a trip down to Austin to see my grandparents so he is driving Aedan, Hiro and me back with him today. Hopefully Jon will finish up his job today and meet us home tonight. We had a great week and Aedan did really well, but I think we are going to enjoy being at home for awhile…traveling with a baby is hard work! haha!



Jill said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Wish I would have been able to see you guys! Next time!

Chelsa said...

sounds like you had a great weekend!! your sister and you look just alike!