Jun 2, 2010

Couch to 5k App.

I downloaded this nifty little app a couple of weeks ago on my iphone.


I have never been much of a runner. I used to swim through high school and college but when I moved to Austin I kind of let that go. I have tried to pick up running every now and then. Last summer when Jon and I went to South Padre we enjoyed a few hot runs on the beach.


In fact I was on a roll last year about this time, but then I found out I was pregnant with this little guy.


Since we were being seen at a fertility clinic at the time they were  a little on the cautious side and told me not to do any running for awhile. Then I had morning all day sickness from week 6 through week 22 (14 weeks of throwing up multiple times a day sucks!). By the time I was feeling better I felt to big to run.

So here I am, Aedan is just about 3 months old and while I have lost pretty much all the weight I put on while pregnant and can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again, I still feel like its time to get back into a regular workout routine. Running seems like a good choice because it’s something I can do with Aedan (in a stroller), Hiro and Jon.

I have been trying to run every other day during the week and so far its going pretty well. My goal is to be able to jog a solid 30 minutes without stopping by the end of the summer. Hopefully I can keep it up. :)



sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Good luck...I'm sure you'll do great!! I can't wait to start running again. Let me know what you think of that app...I hear lots of people talking about it and have been thinking about getting it.

Chelsa said...

i need to run... i despise running though!

like you, i am down to my pre pregnancy size and clothes, but i would still like to just feel better about my body!

Lari said...

Thanks so much for blogging about this. I have had (for a long while now) a paper printout of the Couch to 5K plan. I tried it once, but trying to keep it straight in my head and trying to manage a timer while running was a pain. So, I never did it again. In fact, with work the way it was, I was living a pretty sedentary lifestyle and gained back everything (and then some) I had lost after my pregnancy. So, with time on my hands now and disgust at myself, I started jogging again, but with no real direction. Friday night, I saw your post, got inspired, and downloaded the app. I completed Day One yesterday. Now I feel like I have some direction. I have a lot of work to do and a long way to go, but at least I feel like I'm moving in the right direction. Thanks, again. :)