Jun 9, 2010

It’s Good to Be Home

We got back from Plano Monday night around 10:30pm. My Dad and I decided to leave after dinner to see if Aedan would do better in the car (he does not love his carseat). I think leaving at night was a much better way to go. I tried to move his last feeding up so that he wouldn’t be hungry on the drive back, but it didn’t work so well. He just wasn’t hungry before we left so he got hungry about half way home. Next time I think we will just leave after his normal last feeding time. It ended up working out pretty well though. Jon was able to leave last night from his job in Arlington. He called to tell me he was headed home and I asked where he was. He told me he had just passed mile marker 397. I looked up and my Dad and I were just passing mile marker 396. Ha! Without even knowing it, we were only a mile apart. We ended up meeting in Waco so that my Dad could drive straight to my grandparent’s house and we could go straight home. I feed Aedan and he was out until we got home then went right to sleep when we got home. It was definitely a smoother trip than our trip to Plano Friday afternoon.

Yesterday we were pretty lazy in the morning. I went back to bed as soon as I put Aedan down for his first nap and Jon got up with him when he woke up. Once we had both had breakfast and Aedan was down for he second nap Jon and I got to work. We cleaned the whole house and did lots of laundry. I planned out meals for the week and did the grocery shopping. It feels great to have the house clean, clothes washed and put away and the grocery shopping done, especially since today is my first official day back to work.

00:01:30 - 0040910F1Last night I made one of my new favorite pasta dishes, Pasta Pomodorini. It is so good and super easy so I thought I’d share it. I got it on the Food Network site. I know I will be making it frequently this summer.




We had a great weekend in Plano, but it feels good to be back home. As far as work today, I just have a meeting for a few hours this morning and lucky for me my little guy gets to spend the morning with is Daddy and grandmother. I get to put off his first day at the sitter until next week. :)


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