Jun 16, 2010

Three Months

Look who is 3 months old!


Aedan here is what you’re up to:

  • We haven’t weighed you since your 2 month check up, but we think you are in the 16-18lb range!
  • You are wearing size 3 in diapers! You wear mostly size 3-6m clothes and even some 6m clothes! You have a couple of sleepers that are 0-3m that fit you well, but I am convinced they are mislabeled. You are one big guy.
  • You LOVE your bouncy seat, especially when we put it on the ottoman so you are eye level with us. You kick your legs and wave your arms just about constantly while your sitting in it. I’m pretty sure once you start moving you are never going to stop!
  • You are still pretty touchy and are easily over stimulated or overwhelmed, but you have been smiling and laugh so much this month. You smile when someone you know talks to you or just smiles at you, but it takes you awhile to warm up to strangers.
  • You are sleeping great at night, usually from 8pm-6/6:30am. We stopped swaddling you a few weeks ago so now you sleep in a sleep sack during naps and just a sleeper at night (you take after your mom and are a little heater). Naps are still a struggle. You go down within 5 minutes but you usually only sleep for 45 min, although the last couple of days you have slept longer stretches. If we move you to your swing you usually fall right back to sleep and finish your nap.
  • You have decided that you don’t like bottles anymore. It takes lots of patience to get you to finish one. We are hoping that gets better soon since you are going to the sitter’s house twice a week.
  • Speaking of which, you started going to the sitter’s house this week. You were pretty fussy your first day, but I think you will warm up quickly.
  • Daddy gives you a bath every night and you are finally starting to like them. You don’t cry anymore and you are even starting to smile when he washes you.
  • You have been trying really hard to put your hands and rings in your month. You get them to you month and then you stick your tongue out and make a face like its doesn’t taste as good as you thought it would.
  • This month you went to the pool for the first time, and you didn’t hate it. You also went to Plano twice. You did great the second time we went. You love sitting with your Nonnie on the swing in her backyard.
  • You started rolling over (tummy to back). You did it one morning about 10 times in a row, but since then we have only seen it a time or two.
  • You have grown so much this month. We love seeing your smile and hearing your goofy laugh. We can’t wait to see what you will do next month!


And just to see how big he has gotten here are his month pictures side by side.

Aedan (3rd month)


Life with Erin said...

Don't they grow SO fast! P is already almos 5 months. And he loves little 45 minute naps too . . .but we are starting to get a bit better at them some days. He is just Adorable :)

Dara said...

He is so cute!!

Chelsa said...

he is sooo cute!!

i love hearing about him (do i say that every month?)lol

Larissa said...

Wow, he is growing up so quickly! He is adorable. I'm glad you all are doing so well. I can't wait to see y'all soon!