Jun 4, 2010

An Evening Out with Friends

Yesterday our good friends, Steven and Alison and their son Jackson, stopped in Austin on their way down to San Antonio.

I was a little worried about how Aedan would act while we were out with them but he did great. I think he had a growth spurt this week. He has woken up hungry a couple of nights this week and most of the day yesterday he was eating every two hours. Jon laid him down for a nap around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and I was sure he was going to be up in exactly 45 minutes (he has not taken a nap longer than 45 minutes in over 2 weeks). Well 3:15 rolled around and he was still sound asleep. 3:30 came, 3:45 then 4:00 and he was still sleeping! I finally had to wake him up at 4:30 to eat so we could get going. I am hoping it means the growth spurt is over and we can get back into our normal routine.

photo 4

We all hung out at the house for awhile before heading to dinner. Jackson was so cute with Aedan. I just know they are going to be good friends in a few years. Oh and check out my not quite 3 month old in a 6 month size t-shirt and shorts. I just bought him a few t-shirts in 6m thinking he could wear them for awhile, clearly I was wrong!

photo 3

After hanging out for awhile we headed out to South Congress for dinner. We grabbed cones at Mighty Cone and of course we had to get dessert at Hey Cupcake. Aedan and Jackson both did so well at dinner.

photo 2

It was great to spend time with such good friends. And how cute are these onesies Alison made for Aedan. I love them!! He will definitely be wearing these this weekend.




Chelsa said...

my big boy is in 6-9 mo. now too! i only have a hand full of summer things in that size so i need to go shopping! (aw darn, lol!).

those onsies she made are PRECIOUS!

The Haynes Family said...

wow! those are the two most handsome boys I've ever seen! ;) ;) ;) Thanks for showing us a good time in Austin! :)