Jun 24, 2010

What We’ve Been Up To This Week

This week has flown by.

Last weekend Jon had to travel for work, so he missed his first Father’s Day. :( He came home late Sunday night and found a card and some dark chocolate from Aedan and Hiro. Since Jon was gone most of Saturday and Sunday, I spend the weekend cleaning and doing laundry. Although as I look around I am realizing that I need to clean and do laundry again already. Sigh, it never ends…

Over the weekend I also did the grocery shopping. Usually if I have Aedan with me, I use our Baby Bjorn carrier since he doesn’t like to be in his carseat unless he is in the car. Plus it is so heavy I always feel like the grocery cart is going to fall over with his seat on top.

The Baby Bjorn was working out great and Aedan loves it. I used it this last weekend at the grocery store and even though my trip was pretty short, carrying my 16 lb 3 month old made my shoulders and back ache by the time we were done. I decided that I needed to look around for some other options. I wanted something that would allow me to carry him on my hip and something that was going to last for awhile since he is only going to get bigger. I found the Baby K’Tan and after reading lots of reviews I thought it might work out. On Monday I made a trip to a little shop in town that carries the Baby K’Tan. The lady there was super helpful when it came to sizing and such. Since they don’t allow returns for carriers I decided to rent one for a week (a $5 investment that will go toward my purchase made much more sense than a $70 investment that may not even work out). Well I have been using it all week and I love it! It’s easy to put on and can fold up to fit in a bag when I don’t need it. I can wear it a bunch of different ways and its comfortable for both Aedan and me. Tomorrow I am going to be taking the rented carrier back and picking up a new one for us to keep.

We have been having some bottle issues lately. We gave Aedan his first bottle when he was about 2 weeks old and he did great going back and forth between nursing and bottles until about 8 or 9 weeks old. Then he decided that he no longer wanted anything to do with bottles. Usually either Jon or I could get him to take one if we worked at it long enough but it was definitely and up hill battle. When Aedan started to go the sitter’s house a couple of weeks ago she had no luck giving him a bottle. He just won’t have it and since she has other kids to look after it’s not like she could just try forever. He would even skip an entire feeding time and then wake up around 5am starving since he didn’t eat enough during the day. We have tried different bottles, different nipples, different flow levels, different temperatures and just about anything else we could think of. Finally I went out and bought one of those cheap Playtex drop-in bottles with a tan latex nipple. I’m pretty sure these bottles have been around forever. I think my mom probably used them with my sister and I. I am happy to say it looks like we may have found the right bottle. Finally! He still does not love it, but he will drink from a Playtex drop-in bottle with a fast flow latex nipple. We are going to keep up bottle boot-camp for the next couple of days and hopefully by next Tuesday (when he goes to the sitter’s house again) he will be taking a bottle like a pro.

We have also been watching lots of soccer this last week with the World Cup being on. Jon will sit Aedan his bouncy seat on the couch and the two of them watch the games together. It is too funny to see them both staring at the TV (don’t worry we don’t let Aedan stare at the TV for very long).

I guess I should get finished with work so I can get cleaning. Hopefully I get get everything done today and not have to worry about work or house work tomorrow. I love how flexible my job is!!


Next post will have pictures, I promise. I have been so lazy when it comes to transferring pictures from my camera to the computer.

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Chelsa said...

I have been lazy when it comes to pictures too!

I am going to have to check out that carrier. Iam not a very big person and C is a big boy! He gets so heavy to try and just carry him and I hate lugging the car seat places. He has outgrown the sling we had... yikes! Thanks for the review and I'll be looking into that!

It's funny that you said that about TV. I'm pretty sure Brycen never watched tv (b/c I'm not a big tv watcher unless it's evening and he was already in bed when he was a baby... well now that C is here and B watches his shows C is always right there in his bouncer and ppl are like "babies should never watch tv"... but he likes being by his brother and I don't want to just sit him in the corner! lol. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be fine...