Mar 17, 2010

It’s Nice to Be Home

We came home from the hospital Monday afternoon and it has been great to be back!


Jon has 2 full weeks off work and my parents have been in town all week. My mom has been so helpful by running errands for us and doing lots of cooking (our freezer is stocked)!


Aedan is doing really well. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and they said he looked great. He weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz so he had lost 13oz since birth. We go back on Friday for a weigh in to make sure he is gaining it back. My milk came in last night so hopefully he will start gaining weight now.


Jon has been great and he and Aedan are so cute together. We are just having fun hanging out at home as our little family.



Mrs Bee said...

He's adorable!!


Chelsa said...

he is ADORABLE! we have that sleeper too :)