Mar 25, 2010


March is a big month for us.

March 12, 2005 Jon and I met for the first time. I was visiting with a friend and my aunt took us to a concert at Antone’s. She invited a few of her friends and one happened to invite Jon. The next day the friend and Jon came with us to the Kite Festival. That was the beginning of our relationship.

spring break 4

Two years later on March 25, 2007 Jon and I were married at Kindred Oaks. It beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception. We had a blast.


Pretty much exactly five years from the day we met, our baby boy was born.


And today we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. Since we have a 12 day old baby, we obviously aren’t doing too much to celebrate, however since the weather was beautiful today we did make it out this afternoon. We took Aedan for his first trip out to Auditorium Shores. Hiro got to play and then we walked over to P. Terry’s, picked up lunch and had a picnic at the park.

Jon had soccer tonight so Aedan and I have just been hanging out. I am about to go warm up a homemade lasagna that one of my clients brought over for us…yum!



Chelsa said...

happy 3 years :)

we had an outdoor wedding too!

i just can't get enough of your sweet little guy! he is just gorgeous!

Chelsa said...

p.s. you still need to post pics of his room :)

Bonnie said...

March is truly a special month and as a brand new grandmother, I totally agree with the comment that Aedan is gorgeous! I miss him so much (and you and Jon too, of course!!)