Mar 19, 2010

Happy Due Date Aedan

Today is Aedan’s official due date. I can’t believe it has already been 6 days since he arrived. I’m so glad he came when he did. Not only was I pretty sick of being pregnant, but he came at the beginning of my mom’s  (who is a middle school teacher) and sister’s spring break. It allowed my mom to spend most of the week here in Austin.


Aedan has been a such a good baby. We are so in love! He has been sleeping and eating really well. I was expecting him to be bigger so most of his clothes are 0-3 months and they swallow him up. He has 6 little newborn sleepers so we have been rotating those and doing lots of laundry.


Yesterday Aedan had his first sponge bath. He didn’t like it too much, poor baby!




Today went ventured out and ran some errands. It was nice to get out of the house. We went to Target, Costco and Buy Buy Baby. Aedan did really well. There were a few eating breaks but overall it was a very productive afternoon. On our way back home we stopped by the doctor’s office for a weight check. Aedan has gained 4oz since Tuesday, which brings him up to 7lbs and 5oz. :)



Brittney said...

He is just so adorable! And that blonde hair!!! Cute cute cute!

The Haynes Family said...

Lauren.... he is going to break some hearts when he's older! So handsome!! Have you tried giving him a bath in a baby tub yet? It's tricky (and slippery) to figure out at first, but he might enjoy it. :)

and how are you?! I hope you're getting some good sleep and plenty of baby cuddles :)

Chelsa said...

i just loveee hearing about your little guy! he seriously is SO CUTE! glad he is being such a good lil' guy for you!

we put a little heater in the bathroom and give C his bath in there- it helps with him (especially when you have to do sponge baths). C really likes a bath now that he can be in the water, but he hates to get out if i don't have the heater on!