Mar 8, 2010

Just Waiting

I’m pretty sure I am going to be spending this week and next week just waiting. Jon has to work up in Round Rock all week so its just me and Hiro at home. Today I did laundry, baked zucchini bread muffins, went to the library and to yoga…oh so exciting. :) I also rearranged our bedroom, just because I was bored.

Jon and I had a pretty relaxing weekend. The weather wasn’t that great so the kite festival got moved to next weekend. I went walking Saturday morning and then Jon and I ran errands that afternoon. We went to check out the new HEB Plus that just opened down the street from our neighborhood.

The old HEB that used to be there was super small and always very crowded. We usually would end up shopping at an HEB a few more miles away, just to avoid the crowd. Now we have a much bigger HEB super close to our house, which is going to be great. :)

On Sunday I was supposed to have my BCBA study group over, but everyone was really busy so we ended up cancelling. Since I didn’t have anything to do, I went with Jon to Cabelas. Jon bought a new gun (I don’t remember what kind but its pretty impressive). Our deal was that he could buy something with some of our tax return money and I get to spend the same amount on something I want. I’m planning on spending some of my money on new clothes for spring/summer. I can’t wait to pack up my maternity clothes!


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Chelsa said...

waiting waiting waiting!
he'll be here before you know it though! corbin is a month old today and i don't know where the month has went!