Sep 21, 2010

Our Weekend

Friday morning after Aedan went down for his morning nap, I loaded up my car and headed to Plano. It was such a quick drive. It has been awhile since I have made the drive up I35 without being pregnant and having to stop for bathroom breaks every hour or with a newborn than has to eat every 2-3 hours. Since I was alone I grabbed lunch at McDonalds. Jon hates McDonalds. Neither of us is a huge fan of fast food, but every once in awhile I just crave one of those 89 cent kids hamburgers and some fries. Yum. Side note: I can not wait until Aedan wants to eat chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. Sometimes it is fun to eat like a 4 year old. Jon hates this. :)

When I got to Plano I stopped by to visit my great aunt. She is hilarious. She calls Aedan “butterball” and she calls Hiro “chocolate” (in Spanish mind you). She always tells me that Hiro doesn’t ever listen to her when she calls him. I wonder why? :) We had a nice visit and when I was done I headed over to get a pedicure. Nothing says weekend away like getting a pedicure. It was perfect. After my pedicure I went to my parents house to get ready and then headed off to see my sister’s new apartment. It is so cute! We did some shopping and had dinner together. I even bought some skinny jeans. I can’t wait to wear them with boots when it finally gets cooler. I wanted to wear skinny jeans a boots  last fall/winter but I’m a firm believer that no pregnant girl should wear skinny jeans.

Saturday we had a bridal shower for my best friend, Amanda. We have been friends since 8th grade. I’m so excited for her and her fiancĂ© Chris! They are so cute together. She is getting married in 3 short weeks! The shower was fun and everything turned out great. I took lots of pictures but not with my camera. :( I’ll try to post some if I get some sent to me. After the shower, I went over to Amanda’s parent’s house to help with wedding decorations. We had a great time hanging out and catching up.

Sunday morning my Dad made French toast. He uses my great grandmother’s recipe and even though I have the same recipe, mine never come out as good as his. It was delicious!  After breakfast I loaded up my car and headed home.

I had a great weekend away, but I was happy to be back to see this little guy (and of course Jon and Hiro too).


Jon did great with Aedan all weekend. They are best buds now (even more than they already were). Aedan even started to say DaDa over the weekend. Now he says it all.the.time. Jon love it. Apparently Aedan has forgotten that I’m the one who threw up for 4 months straight and pushed for 2.5 hours to have him. Sigh.



Chelsa said...

glad you had a good wk/end away!

i also bought myself some skinny jeans and can't wait to wear them w/ boots! lol i agree that prego girls should def. not wear them! lol

c said dada before momma too!

The Haynes Family said...

So cute! Jackson said "Val Pal" first in our house - haha! But he said Dada before Mama, but now he says "Mama" all the time and I get a lot more cuddles ;) So I bet it will even out :)