Sep 15, 2010


Today since I had absolutely nothing important to do, you know like studying for my big exam tomorrow, I decided to make baby food, do laundry, and make a new header for my blog. :) I think I have gotten to the point of either I know the information or I don’t and I am d.o.n.e. with studying. So tonight I am going to relax and watch a movie, set my alarm for bright and early tomorrow morning and try not to stress out.

I also cleaned out Aedan’s closet and dresser since he has grown out of so many clothes. I ordered him some super cute fall/winter clothes and I just cannot wait until it starts to get cooler around here. Really I would be happy if it was below 90. This time of year just makes me want to live further north so I can experience an actual fall. It is annoying when Starbucks comes out with all their fall drinks like pumpkin spice lattes and Target isles are decked out with pumpkins and other fall decorations and I am sitting here in shorts and a tank top because we had a heat index of 100 today.

And what is a good post without a picture or a video? Over the weekend Aedan figured out how to jump in his jumper (before he would just stand and play with the toys). My Mom took this video of him playing. Seriously this is his favorite activity right now.


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Chelsa said...

I feel really sorry for you about fall! I love fall! It's still 90 here in Indiana though :( We have had like 2 days that kind of felt like fall a couple weeks ago and now it's hot again (shorts and tshirt weather still). i'm pulling out all these fall clothes and i'm ready to wear them! darn it!