Sep 7, 2010

A Day of Shopping

Oh my goodness, the week is already half way over!

We had a great and very productive weekend. We decided to completely redo our home office. Since we both are working from home more now, we really needed an office with two work spaces. After online shopping Friday and Saturday, we headed out on Sunday to see everything we liked in person. We trekked all the way to south Dallas Georgetown to IKEA. We spent a good 2 hours wondering around looking at desks and bookshelves. We had some good things picked out but we were not 100% sold on them. So we left empty handed.

After giving Aedan a bottle and stopping for a quick snack for us, we headed to the Container Store (I love the container store, doesn’t it just inspire you to organize everything? I mean from your pantry to your garage, you can put anything and everything on a hook, in a box or on a shelf). They were super helpful and even walked us through making two custom work area’s for our office. We decided to go for it and I am so glad we did. Our office looks great (I will post pictures soon) and has tons more storage than we did before.

Aedan was such a trooper since we were literally gone all day. He took his room temperature bottles like a champ and even though he missed two naps, he took a quick catnap in the car between stores and a second catnap on Daddy at the Container Store.

asleep at cantainer store

He also had fun acting like a big boy and sitting in the cart. He is not quite ready to sit in the cart for a long trip like the grocery store or something, but we were just goofing off while waiting for our order to be put together.

first time in cart

The plan for the rest of the week is to study…just 1 more week! eek!


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Chelsa said...

ohhh i'm jealous! can't wait to see the new pictures!