Sep 16, 2010


As of 11am this morning I completed my 160 question test. It was supposed to be 150 questions, but they threw in an extra 10 questions for future testing purposes. I know, so nice of them right? The test wasn’t too bad. I don’t think I aced it by any means but I just needed to pass, so hopefully I at least did that. I get my scores mid November, which is earlier than I originally thought, but still far away. Oh well. The test is done and that mean no more studying!!

My study partner and I went out to lunch after the exam. We went to Curras and we both enjoyed an avocado margarita (it is sooo good and I hadn’t had one since before I was pregnant). It was nice to celebrate being done.

When I came home I hung out with my favorite little guy. He woke up from all his naps early today and wasn’t as happy as he usually is when he wakes up. I couldn't figure out why, until I let him chew on my finger. Ouch! Looks like this little guy’s first tooth is breaking the surface. I feel like he is so grown up now that he is actually getting teeth!


We have a big weekend ahead. I’m making a quick trip up to Dallas for a good friend’s bridal shower and Jon is staying behind with Aedan and Hiro. I know Aedan will have a great time with his Daddy all weekend, but I know I will miss them both! Maybe I can talk Jon into writing a post about their weekend together. :)



The Haynes Family said...

YAY! I bet it feels so good to be done :)

Chelsa said...

I'm sure having your test over is a big relief! So happy for you!

Whooaaa Aedan! Getting so big with those teeth :)

Have a great weekend in Dallas :)

Casondra said...

Stopping by from Chelsa's blog.

What a RELIEF to have the test behind you. :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Congrats on having the test behind you!! Good luck with the teething. :)