Sep 3, 2010

Bath Time

Aedan has this seahorse bath toy that someone gave me at a shower. It’s made out of wash cloth material so it is like a stuffed animal for the bathtub. It also makes a seahorse horse noises if you squeeze it.

Aedan has fallen in love with this toy.


If you don’t give it to him during his bath, he will just stare at it the whole time.



He is saying “What doesn’t everyone like to put their favorite bath toy in their mouth?”

IMG_3046 Such a silly guy.


He would totally love to take the seahorse to bed with him, I just know it!



Chelsa said...

Such a cutie!! :)

The Haynes Family said...

Lauren, I know you hear this a million zillion times a day, but Mr Aedan is TOO CUTE!!! What a sweet little face! :) I miss the baby days!! I'll just have to borrow some Aedan cuddles next time you're in town.