Sep 10, 2010

Things We Love Part Six

I feel like Aedan has grown up so much just since last month! It was difficult for me to come up with things last month, but this month there are so many new things that we use everyday.

First, we love our space saver highchair. I remember looking at baby stuff as soon as I found out I was pregnant, and when I saw this highchair, I knew it was what I wanted. Our house is small, so having baby things that don’t take up extra space is perfect. This highchair just clips onto one of our kitchen chairs, which is great since our table and chairs are counter height. We use it all the time. Of course we use it at meal time, but Aedan also loved to sit and play bang his toys on the highchair tray.

IMG_2938 (this is a horrible picture, it was taken before I got my cool new toy, but I like how it shows Aedan in mid bang)

Aedan started solids this last month. Well I guess he started rice cereal and oatmeal when he was 4 months, but we started fruits and veggies this last month. I also started giving Aedan these rice crackers. He likes them a lot (I think he also likes that I give him something to snack on, while I’m snacking so he no longer has to look at my food longingly). :)

aedan eating

We have been using our boppy pillow ever since we brought Aedan home from the hospital. We sill use it when we give him a bottle, but now that he is sitting up by himself, we have started to use the boppy more than just at meal time. Aedan can sit up pretty well on his own but he when reaches for toys or Hiro he sometimes falls over. The boppy helps him stay up so I don’t have to sit right next him all the time.


I finally got a diaper bag this month. Before I would just throw a few things in a bag or in the car and go. Now that Aedan comes with me to my weekly office meeting and to the sitter’s house once a week, I thought it would be nice to have a designated bag for him. I bought this backpack and I love it. It is small, but still holds everything I need (plus my camera fits perfectly).


Earlier this month I decided to buy a video monitor. We had a basic sound monitor and it worked just fine, but I wanted to be able to see Aedan without going into his room. It’s funny because the first night we used it, Aedan flipped over onto his back (he sleeps on his tummy or side) early in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up and “talks” to himself early in the mornings for a few minutes and then goes back to sleep. Normally I don’t even check on him, but thanks to the monitor I could see he was on his back and I knew he wouldn’t go back to sleep until I flipped him over.


Those are just a few things that we have loved this month. Stay tuned for Aedan’s 6 month post next week. I can’t believe my baby is going to be half a year old!!


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Chelsa said...

we love the highchair too!
we have that same one at my parents house (b/c we go there a lot).

just an fyi- some friends of ours had a video monitor and they were best friends w/ their neighbors across the road who also had a video monitor and they could see each others babies on there!