Aug 11, 2010

Things We Love - Part 5

How can another month already have gone by! I have a feeling this year is going to be over before I know it!

Aedan and I are back with a few things we have loved this month.

First, Aedan is finally enjoying sitting in his Bumbo. I got him a tray for the seat and now he sits and plays bangs his toys the whole time. Such a boy already!


We started putting Aedan to sleep on his tummy a few weeks ago. He goes to sleep great on his tummy, but he has been drooling a lot lately (I think we are on the verge of teething). Usually he ends up falling asleep with a wet spot under his head. I got these sheet protectors a while ago and they have come in very handy. They tie around the crib rails so he can’t bunch it up in his sleep. In the morning I usually find him with his arms tucked underneath the protector which is exactly how I sleep, except my arms are under my pillow. :)


Aedan loves to play with this ball. I think he likes it because it is easy to hold in his hands. He also has 3 other ones like it that are flexible so he can squish them and chew on the sides.


I am loving Dr. Brown bottles. Not so much because they are great bottles, but because after Aedan refusing to take a bottle for about 3 months, I love that he takes them like a pro now. It is sooo nice to be able to leave for work and not have to worry about him getting super fussy because he is hungry.


We have also been using these baby links for everything. I can easily attach toys to his carseat or stroller with them, or just chain a few toys together to make them easier for Aedan to hold onto. He is also loving to chew on them by themselves.


Those are just a few things we are loving at the moment. Stay tuned for Aedan’s 5 month post later this week!



Chelsa said...

we use dr. brown bottles too! they are a pain to clean, but work well!

corbin also likes the bumbo much better with the tray to bang toys on ;) and we love the links for everything too!

Vanessa said...

My daughter LOVES that ball too! :)

amanda said...

We have EVERY single one of those items :) We're so much alike! Or maybe it's our babies that are ;)