Aug 18, 2010

Trashcan Switch

Trash day for our neighborhood is Tuesday. Every Monday night we roll out our gray trashcan, the one that looks just like our neighbor's trashcan, and every Tuesday evening we roll it back into the garage.

Well a couple of weeks ago Jon went out to get our trashcan Tuesday evening after dinner. He came back in and said that the only trashcan near our driveway was not our normal trashcan. I asked him how he knew it wasn’t ours, I mean a gray trashcan is a gray trashcan, right? Umm no, apparently not!

First this trashcan had a hole in the top, covered with duct tape and since ours did not have a hole this definitely wasn’t ours. I know, I know, you are thinking who cares, it’s a trashcan. Well as soon as I lifted the lid of this strange trashcan I nearly passed out! Now I don’t think our trashcan ever smelled amazing, but this was AWFUL. Like possibly there had been something dead in the trash, awful.

Since our neighbor’s had already taken in their our trashcan, we were stuck with this one for the week. It was so gross! Every time we Jon took out the trash the entire garage smelled horrible.

So the next trash day rolled around and we had a plan. Yes, we talked about it all week. We are dorky like that. We put out the trash as normal on Monday night. But this time we put it on the other side of our driveway close to where our neighbor’s put their our trashcan. On Tuesday we waited for the trash men to come, and as soon as they did, Jon went out to take in our original trashcan. He came back in and said he was pretty sure he got ours back but now it smelled awful. Seriously I am not sure what these people are throwing out! After a good wash out with water and lots of bleach, it was beginning to smell okay (it’s a trashcan after all, its never going to smell great).

We are glad to have our trashcan back, but now I am worried it’s going to get switched again. Our trash men are not very careful about where they put the can after they empty it. Sometimes its right next to the curb where we left it, sometimes it’s in the middle of the street, and sometimes its next to our neighbor’s house. This is probably why it got switched in the first place. So now as soon as the trash is collected, I go out and bring in our trashcan. At least I have some motivation to get one chore out of the way.

And because I couldn’t resist posting this picture, this what Aedan thinks about the whole trashcan switch.




Chelsa said...

i needed a laugh today!! :)

Dara said...

That is hilarious, Lauren! The picture is just too cute!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

This story cracks me up - totally something we would do, plotting it out with a strategy & all! :) And that picture of Aedan is CLASSIC!!!