Aug 3, 2010

Our Weekend Recap

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got busy grocery shopping and cleaning house…

On Friday I didn’t have much work to do, yay! I just finished up an 18 page progress report for one of my clients and I figured I would take the day off. Jon was able to stop work early so we decided to head to Costco.

It’s difficult for me to go to Costco with Aedan by myself. He doesn’t like to ride in his carseat in the cart and he is not old enough to sit in the cart so I usually carry him in our Baby K’Tan carrier when we run errands. It works well for Target or the grocery store but everything at Costco is big and heavy. It is pretty difficult to put anything into the cart with a 17lb baby strapped to me. So we all went together and loaded up on some much needed things (diapers, wipes, paper towels, etc..) and some not so much needed things (bottled Mexican Cokes). We never seem to leave Costco without spending too much money and having some unhealthy snacks or drinks in our cart, but Coke with real sugar in a glass bottle is just so good, especially for lunch in the middle of a super hot summer.

Saturday was a busy day! I got up early and got ready for the day (usually I manage to stay in my pjs or at least comfy clothes until Saturday afternoon). I met a friend at the library so we could study for the upcoming BCBA exam (yuck!). Once we were done I ran a few quick errands and came home to make these for a shower I was helping with later that day.

Some of our good friends were in town for the week from Arkansas, so they came over to meet Aedan. They have a 3 year old little boy who is super cute. He and Hiro had a blast all afternoon. It was so fun to see what Hiro and Aedan will be like in just a few years. Jon and Aedan spend the afternoon visiting with them after I cut out early to head to the bridal shower. The girls from my small group hosted a small bridal shower for one of our friends. When that was over I raced home to change before meeting the girls out at a wine bar for a bachelorette celebration. We did some wine tasting and had a good time catching up.

Sunday I did not leave the house. I was so tired from the day before. Aedan and I just hung around and relaxed all day while Jon went to play soccer.

IMG_2770 (Aedan is getting harder and harder to photograph! I don’t think his arms and legs ever stop moving while he is awake!)

My parents are in town this week and my grandmother and sister are coming in a few days! It’s going to be a busy but fun week!


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Chelsa said...

Aedan is getting sooo big!