Aug 16, 2010

Independent Play Time

Growing up I remember enjoying having some independent play time every once in awhile. Of course I loved to play with my little sister too, but sometimes it was nice to just have some time to play by myself. I’m still like that today. I need time just to be by myself from time to time.

I want Aedan to love playing with us, his friends and maybe someday a little brother or sister, but I also want him to be able to enjoy independent play time as well. I have read a little bit about blanket time or independent play for babies and I think it’s a good idea. Aedan is pretty good about playing under his play mat or on a blanket with a few toys for about 10-15 minutes without someone right next to him. But a few weeks ago I realized that whenever he is playing on his own (usually in the living room), he can usually see and hear us since our living room and kitchen are basically one big room.


So we have started to have some independent play time in his bedroom. I usually try to do it pretty soon after he eats in the morning since that is when he is the happiest. So far I have just been putting him under his play mat with a couple of toys and letting him play for about 10 minutes. I turn on the baby monitor and it gives me time to clean the kitchen/do the dishes, make up the bed or start some laundry (seriously I think Aedan creates more laundry than both Jon and I combined!). Of course I check on him every few minutes and he is always squealing at his toys or chewing on his rings. Overall I think it is going well and hopefully we will keep it up so that when he is older he can entertain himself from time to time.

IMG_2800 This picture makes me laugh, he is totally like “um mom, this is my play time, why are you taking pictures?!?”



Chelsa said...

very good idea! we did this with brycen and he plays GREAT by himself still and he is 5. i was an only child until i was 12 so i was very independent and still love time to myself (although it's rare these days!).

it's harder to do with Corbin b/c Brycen always wants to be right next to him! lol, but I try to do it with him while B is outside playing or gone.

Dave and Elaine said...

Hey! Hopped on over to your blog :) You won't be sorry you started IP at this early age!!!!

Nice to "meet" you :)