Aug 4, 2010

Date Night

Last night Jon and I went on our first date since Aedan arrived! We have gone out a couple of times with friends when we have visited my parents up in Plano, but those times have always been after Aedan is already asleep for the night.

Last night Jon and I went to see Inception (great movie!) at the Alamo Draft house (we never go see a movie anywhere else!). Since my parents are in town for the week, they came over to babysit. The movie started at 7 so we left around 6:15. That meant my parents were in charge of giving Aedan a bath and putting him to bed. :)

Unfortunately Aedan didn’t have the best naps yesterday and he was super tired by the time my parents came over. He was pretty fussy all evening, but they managed to give him a bath and bottle just fine. He was in bed and asleep at his normal 7:45 bedtime.

Jon and I had a great time. The theater was packed (not sure why since it was a Tuesday night) but we managed to get good seats. The Draft house is one of those theaters were you order food during the movie. What is better than good food and a good movie? We both enjoyed a burger and fries and for dessert I had a vanilla milkshake, yum!

Thanks Nonnie and Pop for letting Mommy and Daddy go on a date!

It was a fun night out but I missed kissing my baby boy goodnight before he went to bed.


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Chelsa said...

Glad you had a fun date night!

I have never heard of a theater where you get dinner and a movie! That's really cool! And yes... we live in the sticks :)