Aug 23, 2010

Our Weekend

Jon had to work on Saturday, so he took most of the day off on Friday. We had a pretty lazy morning and then took Aedan by the doctor to get some shots. I got to weigh him, and my little chucky monkey is 18.5 lbs! After two quick shots we were on our way. Since we were in the area we decided to go to Costco. I wasn’t sure how Aedan would act since it was just about nap time and he had just gotten some shots, but he did great. He hung out in his carseat and played with his rings. Every time we I stopped to try a sample, the sample ladies would smile and talk to Aedan. He flashed them all a big smile…he is going to be such a flirt! After Costco, we picked up lunch and then enjoyed the rest of the day around the house.

On Saturday I went to get a much overdue haircut. I tried out a new lady and I really liked her. I didn’t do anything drastically different, just a couple of inches off, but after 5 months my hair definitely needed to be cut. Jon had to work Saturday afternoon, but it was a remote job, so he just had to hang out in the office for a few hours. I am so excited because Saturday marked his last weekend job!

After 3 years working an 80% travel, alternative week position, Jon has moved to a new team! His position before worked well for awhile. When he wasn’t traveling he was home, which was great, but the alternative work week (Friday through Sunday) made it hard to plan things over the weekend. Now he will be working from home, Monday through Friday and the only travel he will be doing will be up to the main office once or twice a week on his schedule! We are so excited!

On Sunday we took Aedan to visit with Jon’s grandparents. They had seen him a handful of times and usually it was when lots of other people were around. It was nice just to have a quiet visit with them. Aedan was a little fussy at first, but I think he was just unsure of a new place. He warmed up pretty fast and gave them lots of smiles.

Now it’s back to work. I have a long list of things to get done this week, I’m hoping the weekend comes quickly!


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Chelsa said...

glad you had a good weekend!

hopefully you have a great week too!