Aug 13, 2010

5 Months

Aedan, you are already 5 months old!  IMG_2890

Here is what you have been up to these days:

  • I think you probably weigh in the 17 lb range (we don’t have a check up this month).
  • You wear size 3 diapers and mostly size 6-9 month clothes (you are a big guy!).
  • You are still sleeping great at night, from about 7:45pm until I wake you up at 7:30am!
  • You are also taking great naps, you take a good nap around 9am and a long nap around 1, with a catnap around 4:30.
  • You still love sleeping on you tummy.
  • You grab at everything and put whatever you can get a hold of in your mouth!
  • You get close to rolling over, but you never quite do it during tummy time. I know you know how because there have been a few mornings when I go wake you up and you are on your back.
  • You still love to sit in your bouncy chair especially if someone is talking to you.
  • When we call your name you look around to find us and then smile.
  • You love smiling at everyone who talks to you (especially when Mommy or Daddy is holding you, you are a little attached). :)
  • You have just started to notice Hiro, and we love it! You were sitting in your bumbo the other day, and I was tossing a ball for Hiro. You just laughed and laughed watching Hiro go and get his ball and bring it back. You two are going to have so much fun together in the years to come!
  • You are super ticklish, especially under your arms and on your belly. It is too cute to hear you laugh!
  • You take bottles like a pro – yay!
  • You started eating rice cereal and oatmeal this month and you seem to like oatmeal better.
  • We are going to start you on veggies very soon.
  • You laugh when Daddy talks to you in a funny voice or sings you a funny song and when Mommy swings you up and down.
  • You are getting better at sitting up, but you prefer to practice standing up more than sitting up.
  • You love to “talk” and you make a new sound just about everyday.

Aedan, you are such a fun baby. We are loving getting to know you more and more everyday.

IMG_2906 -Lauren-


Chelsa said...

what a sweet heart! corbin loves my parents dog, goldie, too! he just watches her and laughs!

Lari said...

So adorable! It looks like someone's getting some hair. :)