Dec 21, 2010

A Couple of Christmas Celebrations

On Sunday night we celebrated Christmas with my extended family. We all headed over to my Grandmother’s house for lots of food and fun. It was a little bittersweet since this is the first Christmas without my Grandfather. But it was so nice to see everyone. There were 27 people all together and 5 babies! My Grandmother was an only child and she always told my Grandfather that she wanted to have lots of family around. I think they were successful! :)


I was a little worried about how our noise sensitive little guy was going to do with so many people. He was a little upset at first, but once everyone came and not everyone’s attention was on him, he actually did really well. He played with some blocks, got to try Mommy’s rice and beans, and even opened his first Christmas gift. He got a truck that he LOVES. At once point all 8 great grandchildren were all opening gifts and the living room was chaos. I took a picture with my mom’s camera so I will have to post it later, but it was too fun! Even though we were out way past Aedan’s bedtime, we all had fun and he did really well.


image  All the great grandkids

Yesterday we went up to have lunch with Jon’s grandparents. We are going to be missing their big get together next weekend so we wanted to spend some time with them now. We had a good lunch and a nice visit. Now that Aedan is crawling around he does so much better. He had a blast crawling around and pulling up on everything. He also enjoyed throwing all their newspapers and magazines everywhere. :)


Now, if it only felt a little more like Christmas, everything would be perfect. The high today was in the 80s. Seriously. Sigh. At least it is supposed to get cold in the next couple of days.


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Chelsa said...

fun christmas gatherings!!

corbin tried to eat his first present he opened- lol, like tried to eat the bow off! i put a picture on fb! haha!