Dec 29, 2010

Christmas in Plano

Like I said, after a quick breakfast with Jon’s parents, we loaded up the car and headed to Plano. It was a short two hour trip and we made it just in time for lunch. My parents did a great job of decorating their house for the holidays. The tree look amazing, along with the mantle of stockings and garland and a snow village complete with the Polar Express train running through it. But did I get a picture of all the wonderful decorations? Nope. No even one. What was I thinking!! I told my mom she would have to do everything exactly the same next year and I would do a post just on her decorations.

My great aunt was over for the day so we decided to open presents after lunch. Aedan got some fun toys including a fun little dump truck.




After we finished opening gifts, we ate a delicious dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night.

The next morning we did stockings and Santa gifts (for Aedan). My parents Santa got Aedan this little car. It is absolutely perfect for him. It has a handle on the back for him to hold onto and push as well as a tall one for us to push him. We can also put little rockers over the wheels so he can just rock on it. It even has little bars on the sides to keep him from falling off until he gets a little older. He LOVES it!



While Aedan took his afternoon nap, My mom and I went to spend some time with my great aunt. It is always good to visit with her and she always cracks me up. She is a hoot. Here she is with Aedan the day before.


When we got back, my parents and Jon and I took Aedan and the two dogs (Hiro and my parent’s yellow lab, Rubi) on walk down to the park. It was so cold, but we all had fun. I didn’t bring my good camera with me so these are from my iPhone.

aedan swinging christmas

Christmas family

We came home home Monday afternoon. We kept commenting on how well Aedan did in the car and at both grandparent’s houses. While he did have some fussy times he was pretty happy most of the time and slept great for naps and at night in his pack n play. We had a great visit with both sides of the family and got everything on our Christmas wish lists. All in all it was a wonderful Christmas and I am so blessed to have such a beautiful little family and such a loving extended family.

Now who wants to take down my Christmas decorations? Anyone? Anyone? :)



Chelsa said...

the ride on toy w/ rails in genius! what brand is that? we so need one of those! i have one still unopened b/c corbin got quite a few- i'm seriously considering taking it back, but the one w/ rails would eb perfect for him right now... he can't quite balance and make himself go at the same time!

glad you guys had a great trip and that aedan was such a happy boy-- that always makes it more enjoyable!

Erin said...

I'll take down your's if you take down mine :)