Dec 5, 2010

Such a Fun Weekend

We had such a great weekend!

On Friday afternoon, I got to give some manicures to some cute little girls. One of my friends runs a girl’s social group that meets every Friday. She has a group of about 5 elementary age girls with special needs (from autism to down syndrome) and 5 typically developing peer models. This last Friday was their last meeting before the holidays so they decided to do a “spa day”. My friend enlisted some help and we gave manicures, hand massages and did make-up for all the girls. It was too cute! All of the girls had so much fun and so did I. It was so great to see such sweet peer models. I just think it is so great that these little girls are learning to help those that may be a little different. I wish I could post pictures, but that would breech all kinds of confidentiality rules. Just picture 10 hyper girls having a blast. :) After helping out at “spa day”, all the big girls went to happy hour. We all at a great time catching up over margaritas and appetizers.

On Saturday, after Aedan’s morning nap, we headed out to the capitol to get some family pictures taken for our Christmas cards. Aedan was apparently too interested in everything around him and eating leaves to smile much, but I think we got some good ones. I can’t wait to order our cards!

Saturday evening, we decided to go out for hamburgers. We took Aedan to Mighty Fine and he did great. He sat next to me in his highchair and I feed him his dinner as I enjoyed my cheeseburger and shake. He had a blast watching everyone and snacking on cheerios in between bites. While we were at dinner, Jon gave me Aedan’s gift to me. Aedan got me a certificate to Gymboree classes for me and him to go to. I am so excited! I have been thinking about signing up for a class for a while but since he wasn’t really crawling, I didn’t think he would get much out of it. Now that he is crawling really well, I think we are going to have so much fun. Our first class is this Tuesday so I am sure I will post about it.


When we got home from dinner and put Aedan to bed, Jon gave me his present. Since I opened what should have been my birthday present earlier in the week, he gave me one he was planning on giving me for Christmas. I got a new lens for my camera and I am so excited. I love making the backgrounds of pictures blurry and with this lens I can do that even better than before. I am also glad that I got it now so I can take some good pictures at Christmas.


Today, Jon arranged for his sister to come over a babysit so we could go see a movie. Not much was out this weekend, so we decided to go see the Harry Potter movie. It was good and it was fun to go to our favorite theater. We enjoyed some mozzarella sticks and fried pickles (have you had these before? So good!).


All in all it was a great birthday weekend. My birthday is actually tomorrow, but who likes to celebrate birthdays on Mondays? I am glad we were able to do lots of fun things this weekend. Tomorrow I have an afternoon meeting for work and then I think we are going to pick up dinner to go and enjoy a quiet evening at home.


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Chelsa said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

We always get fried pickles at Texas Roadhouse. YUM!

We don't have any mommy and me classes near us :( it would be over an hours drive! Awful, huh?! That's one thing about living in a really small place that's a bummer!
Otherwise, I like it.

And the camera lens sounds awesome! I got a new awesome Nikon in July for my birthday, but still haven't figured out how to use it. haha, go figure!

Glad you had a great birthday weekend :)