Dec 2, 2010


This week as flown by! Although I think I say that every week. Jon and I were talking yesterday and he feels like the weeks are flying by too. He said the next thing we know we are going to wake up and be 50! Yeesh. All the more reason for me to take lots of pictures and keep up with the blog so that when I am 50, I will have something to look back on (well the pictures anyway, who knows what will happen with the blog).

I am so happy to say that Aedan has finally started crawling. I say finally, not because I was worried or because he was past the average age (in fact I think he is pretty close to the average age). I say finally because for the last couple of weeks he has been so fussy. I know part of it was having a cold along with Jon and I and then teething. But once he was better the fussiness did not go away. That is until now. I really think he was mad because he couldn’t get from point A to point B and he was at the age where he knew he wanted to get from point A to point B. Really I think he has been ready to be on-the-go since about day 3. :)


He started army crawling just before Thanksgiving, but he won’t go far. Then over the weekend he figured out how to get back into a sitting position from his stomach. Oh my goodness, I think that has been the best skill he has mastered. For a long time I felt like we played this game: Mommy sits Aedan on a blanket with some toys, Aedan decides he wants the furthest away toy and reached for it, Aedan moves to his stomach to get said toy, Aedan scoots to toy and plays for .2 second, Aedan then decides he no longer wants to be on his stomach and asks nicely cries until Mommy moves him to a sitting position again. Now he can easily get back into a sitting position and it is wonderful! Over the last few days his army crawl has gotten faster but he still wasn’t going too far. Then today he woke up and apparently figured it out. He is still kind of slow and sometimes still army crawls (like when Hiro walks in the room and Aedan gets so excited, he falls to his stomach), but he is officially crawling. This afternoon he explored the living room from corner to corner (and I realized we need to make a trip to Target tomorrow for some outlet covers). I will post a video of him crawling soon!


Speaking of videos…I just got and iPhone 4! I LOVE the video function!! My phone is usually always near by and now I not only snap a picture but now I can take a video. Love Love Love it! It wd was supposed to be my birthday gift from Jon, but it came early and he is not good at keeping gifts a secret. He kept asking if I wanted to open it early. Finally he decided it could be a congratulations for passing the BCBA exam and he would give me something else for my birthday. Works for me. :)

I have been decorating for Christmas this week, so fun! We have the tree up and decorated and a few other things out. I am not totally finished and I am planning on participating in some fun link up parties for sharing Christmas decorations, but I just had to post this picture early.


I decided I wanted to order stockings this year. We don’t have a fireplace and we are usually at mine or Jon’s parent’s house for Christmas and have stockings there, so there hasn’t been a real need for our own. But since this is Aedan’s first Christmas, I knew I needed wanted to get some. I really wanted some with our names on them but after looking a various places online, I realized I just wasn’t willing to pay the price. That is until I found these. I don’t remember what made me to look, but I started searching Wal-Mart's website. I am not a huge Wal-Mart fan. I have nothing against the store, it just always seems so crowded to me. Anyway after a few minutes of web browsing I found these and knew they were the ones. Then I saw the price - $15! Now that I could handle. Plus, the monogramming is included in the price. Seriously, monogrammed stockings for $15! Done. I ordered them and had them shipped to the store so I didn’t have to pay shipping. They only took a little over a week to come in and I love them! Oh and don’t worry, I pick them up when our little crawler is on the loose so he can’t pull them down. :)

Oh and just so I can make this the world’s longest post, full of random topics; Jon found out today he is getting the week of Christmas and the week after Christmas off! In the past his positions have always been considered a “on call” positions, so while he could take a few days off, he has never been able to be completely off for that long. With his new position he automatically gets the week of Christmas off (as a corporate holiday) and since he has extra vacation time, he gets the week after off as well. I was able to plan my schedule so that I have those two weeks off as well. We are pretty excited!



Chelsa said...

Go Aedan! What are we going to do w/ these crawling boys?! C is much happier since he figured it out too!

Love love love the stockings- so cute!! I like wayyy better than walmart itself- i hate to go there b/c it's stressful! haha!

that's great you both get two weeks over the holidays off! i always take those two weeks off to be home w/ B (and now C) too. it's great! I am very much looking forward to it!

McMel said...

thank you for sharing this. i want us to all have "matching" stockings and they don't seem to make them like the one i had from when i was little, so i needed something new!