Dec 28, 2010

Christmas in Whitehouse

I have too many pictures to make one big Christmas recap so I am splitting it into two posts. Last Thursday we headed to Jon’s parent’s house in Whitehouse (just outside of Tyler). We left right after breakfast and made it there just after lunch time. Aedan did really well in the car, although he refused to drink his bottle because it wasn’t warmed up (we are working on getting him to take room temp bottles since we will be switching to milk in just a few months!!).

Two of Aedan’s cousins were hanging out at MawMaw and Pawpaw’s house when we got there and Aedan loved having personal entertainers.




After Aedan (and Daddy) took a long afternoon nap we ventured outside to see some of the animals that Jon’s parents have. They have goats, rabbits, chickens and horses (and of course dogs and cats). I wasn’t sure what Aedan would think about horses but he loved them. As soon as we took him outside he was “talking” nonstop and trying to reach out to touch the horse. It was getting dark so my pictures aren’t too great, but I thought I would post them anyway.



The next day two of Jon’s sisters and their families came over. The house was packed! Jon has 3 sisters and a foster sister. Between all of them, there are 17 kids, which makes Aedan the 18th grandchild! Aedan did great despite there being about 20 people there, many of which he had never met before. We all enjoyed some yummy food and good company.

On Christmas morning we woke up and opened some more presents from Jon’s parents. One of Aedan’s gifts was a little book that he loved.



After presents and a quick breakfast we loaded up the car to make the short trip to my parent’s house in Plano. It was only a 2 hour drive and we made it just in time for lunch. More on that trip tomorrow. :)



Chelsa said...

love the pics of him w/ the horse! too cute!

Chelsa said...

love the pics of him w/ the horse! too cute!