Dec 16, 2010

9 Months

9 months already! Almost to double digits. :)

It has become impossible to take a picture of Aedan, sitting in his rocking chair, without having a second person to entertain him. This is what happens as soon as I sit him down in the chair…


Jon has been pretty busy during the day with work so this picture will have to do until we can take his monthly chair picture together next week.


Aedan, here is what you have been up to this past month:

  • I had to reschedule your check up so I’m not sure how much you weigh, but you are heavy! You wear size 3 or 4 in diapers and size 12m or 12-18m in clothes (although your 9 month onesies still fit pretty well).
  • I get you up around 7:30 during the week, and you sleep in until about 8 on the weekends. You usually take a 1.5 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. You finally dropped your third catnap, which makes it much easier to go out around dinner time. You go to bed between 7 and 7:30 every night. We read a couple of books and then you just want to be put in your bed. Sometimes I wish you wanted to cuddle more, but it is so nice that you know how to put yourself to sleep!
  • You drink 4 bottles and have 3 solid meals a day. You will eat anything except for green beans, asparagus and avocado, but don’t worry you get enough green veggies because you love peas, broccoli and spinach. Your favorite fruit is mango and you are obsessed with snacking on yogurt melts. I mix them with puffs or cheerios and put them on your tray. You have gotten very good at picking up all the yogurt melts before eating the other items.
  • You love bath time! You don’t use your bath ring anymore, you just sit in the tub like a big kid. You splash and kick the entire time and now you like to crawl around in the water.
  • Which leads us to your big accomplishment, you started crawling at about 8 1/2 months! For a few days you army crawled whenever you wanted a toy, but then one morning you just figured it out and you haven’t stopped moving since! You are obsessed with Hiro’s water bowl and take every opportunity to crawl over to it. I spend my day constantly picking you up and trying to distract you into playing with one of your toys.


  • We lowered your crib a few weeks ago because you have started to pull up. You didn’t like it at first, but now you are ok with it. You pull up on everything…your music table, the couch, your toy basket, Hiro, Mommy…
  • You are always “talking”. You say “dada” all the time and will repeat it when we ask you to. You say lots of other sounds, but no mama yet. Sigh.
  • You are a good little errand runner. You love to sit in the cart and look around grab things off the shelves.
  • You still love Hiro, and he loves you too. Every morning he waits for me outside your door and as soon as I open it, he runs in and puts his nose through the crib rails. If you are already awake you think it is hilarious. If you are still sleeping, you are not as thrilled.
  • We started going to Gymboree classes this last month. You aren’t too sure about all the noise yet, but you like all the toys and climbing equipment.
  • You love to carry around a spoon and tap it on all different surfaces. You will crawl over to the tile and tap it on that, then you will tap the trashcan and whatever else you can find. The spoon also comes in handy for chewing.


  • Speaking of chewing, a couple of weeks ago I noticed one top tooth coming in, and then yesterday while we were playing I noticed three! more coming in. It looks like before we know it you are going to have 6 teeth!
  • You have also started reaching for people when they put their arms out to hold you. So cute!
  • You still love to wrestle with your Daddy and you give him a huge smile whenever he comes home or when go into his office.
  • You also like going to the sitter’s house. You get excited when I knock on the door and you rarely look up at me when I say goodbye, you are too ready to play with the toys! She says you don’t like when the other kids make loud noises but other than that you do great.

Aedan, now that you are moving around, you definitely keep us busy, but you have been so happy since you learned how to crawl. We just love seeing you explore and try new things. You make us laugh everyday and we love you so much!



Chelsa said...

we say this every update, BUT our boys are just SO MUCH ALIKE! too funny!

where did you get yogurt melts? i've never heard of those... C loves yogurt so i'm sure he'd like them!

aedan is SO cute! :)

Chelsa said...

thanks- i'll have to look for those!

i was also going to comment that we use those same spoons :)