Dec 13, 2010

Our Christmas Decor

I thought I would post some pictures of our Christmas decor. Our house is pretty small, so I don’t do too much decorating but I think some little touches can go a long way.

First our tree. Usually we move the console table in the living room and put the tree in it’s place. This year I really didn’t want to move the table for a couple of reasons. First it is where we have a basket of Aedan’s ever growing toy collections. Second, I knew I wanted to get stocking this year and that would be the only place to hang them, and third I wanted another surfaced to decorate.

So I thought about all my options, which weren’t very many. Like I said our house is pretty small and our tree is average size, so there are only a few spots for it. I finally settled on moving the couch over a little and putting the tree in front of one of our living room windows. It is the perfect place, because you see it as soon as you walk in the door and it is out of the way so that Aedan has plenty of room to play.


Next is my new nativity scene. My parents got me this for my birthday this year and I love it! We didn’t have a nativity scene before and I have so many memories of unwrapping and setting up my parent’s nativity scene when I was little. I hope Aedan has fun setting this one up in the years to come. I feel like the Willow Tree style is perfect in our home.


Then of course there are the stockings. Like I said before, this year I finally ordered our very own stockings. I love them!


Of course since this little guy is crawling everywhere these days. The stocking tend to spend most of the day piled on the blanket basket.


I have a few other decorations up, like this little group of friendly snowmen.


Thanks for stopping by to check out our Christmas decorations! To see more go here and here.



Emily P. said...

I almost bought those same stockings! LOVE them!

Chelsa said...

everything looks great!
the little snowmen are too cute! i love snowmen decor for winter!

kristin said...

I love those light up snowmen and your tree!
My mom bought me the willow tree nativity the other day and it was a total suprise, I have it set up and took pictures of it to put on my blog, I was just so excited!
I am your newest follower :)

J9 said...

Where did you get your stockings? I love them! I really want to do personalized stockings but I'm debating on if I should wait until we're done growing our family so that I know we can get them all to match ... oh the decisions!