Feb 22, 2010

Cooking Takeover

Work has been slowing down for me since the beginning of February. I came off of one of my cases near the first of this month just because it was too hard for me and the sessions were just not as productive as they needed to be. For the first 3 weeks of February I was interviewing and doing training for some new therapists to take over that particular case, as well as some other cases we had with openings. Now the interviews are done (thank goodness, I have learned that I don’t so much like interviewing), the training is complete and overlaps with the new therapists are wrapping up. We were lucky to find 3 great new therapists that are going to fit it really well. So this week I don’t really have much work to do. When I say I don’t have much to do, I mean I only have to work for 2 hours this week. Um, does that even count as working? No, I don’t think so either

Since I am going to have a lot of time on my hands, I decided to take charge of the cooking around here for the week. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this, but Jon does most all of the cooking at our house. He even makes me lunch on the days we’re both home. I know, I’m pretty lucky.

So this week (and probably for the next few weeks before Aedan comes) I am going to take over the cooking for him. I made a plan for the week and a grocery list and did the shopping last night.

Here is the plan for dinners this week:

  • Monday: sausage wraps, coleslaw, and beans
  • Tuesday: taco soup and corn bread (its supposed to be cold and raining so I thought soup would be perfect)
  • Wednesday: BBQ chicken sandwiches and leftover coleslaw and beans
  • Thursday: left over soup with tortilla chips and homemade guacamole
  • Friday: veggie lasagna - homemade from the Stouffers box :) with garlic bread
  • Saturday: dinner at my grandparents
  • Sunday: pizza and salad

Lunches for the week will alternate between leftovers, turkey and cheese melts and chicken cobb salad.

Clearly nothing too special, but at least I have a plan. Let the week of cooking begin.


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Chelsa said...

i love taco soup!! :)
have fun cooking! i cooked for the first time tonight... since like december?