Feb 17, 2010

Weekly Appointments

Well my weekly doctor appointments have begun. I can’t believe I am almost 36 weeks along! I had an appointment this morning and everything is looking good. Blood pressure is great, weight is good (according to my doctor, I think I have gained too much, but oh well), and she thinks Aedan is positioned head down.

I have been walking a lot more and going to yoga, which I think is helping with my sore back. Although yesterday I spend the entire day on the floor doing some training with new therapists and my back was killing me when I got home. After this week work is going to slow down so that should help.

On another note, I found a new author that I love! I recently finished Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It was a great book, and I would highly recommend it. I went to the library this week and checked out a couple more of her books. I am reading Mystic Lake right now and I like that one too. I love finding new authors that I like. Anyone else read any good books lately?


Now I am off to run some errands to pick up things for my hospital bag, that I will need to pack in a few weeks, and order a cookie cake for Jon’s birthday tomorrow!! :)



Lyr said...

I can't believe your that far along either. So close! Wow...

The Haynes Family said...

stop it! you have not gained too much weight, you are all belly and completely adorable :)

I do know how it feels though. I hope the last few weeks are easy on you. :)