Feb 23, 2010

Snow Day

I can’t believe it is actually snowing here. It never snows here. It’s been snowing off and on all day, so fun! The temperature is hovering just above freezing so there is not too much accumulation but off course everything around here shuts down (I know its a little silly, but we aren’t used to this type of weather). Most of the schools in the area are releasing early and afternoon activities have been cancelled. This means my afternoon session (remember the 2 hours this week I actually was going to work?) has been cancelled.

It’s kind of nice because I really didn’t feel like getting out in the cold, wet weather. But at the same time its a little sad since today was going to be my last therapy session ever. I have been working with this client for 4 years so its a little bitter sweet. I am hoping I will get fill in for one of her other therapists next week and have my last session then.

Now I guess the only thing to do is get comfortable on the couch and watch some movies. :)


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