Jul 14, 2010

Things We Love Part 4

Aedan and I are back with things we have loved this last month.

I talked about this in a previous post, but I love love love my Baby KTan carrier. Aedan was weighing in at 16 lbs at 3 months so carrying him around was getting hard. The carrier is super comfortable and easy to put on. I use it at least once a day.

Aedan has discovered mirrors this month and he loves to look at himself and whoever is holding him. He has a little mirror above his playmat and he just stares at it and coos the whole time. When I am walking around the house with him (usually in the carrier) we will stop in front of the mirrors and he just can’t help smiling at himself.

Loveyes have also become a hit at our house. Aedan used to love hanging onto rings, but now he gets more excited when I give him his lovey. I think he likes that he can grab it with both hands. He usually tries to stick it in his month, but then he realizes it doesn’t tastes so good.


Aedan has also really started to like looking at books. It is so cute, he studies the pictures and even likes to hold onto the cardboard pages.


216544438And since we started bottle bootcamp this week (more on that later this week) we are also loving our new bottle warmer. I never really thought we would need a bottle warmer and since Aedan quit taking bottles we definitely didn’t need one. But now that we seem to be getting back on track it is super nice to just drop the bottle in and push the start button vs fill a mug up with water, heat it up in the microwave, put the bottle in the mug and wait for it to get warm but not too hot.






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