Jul 18, 2010

Storing Baby Toys

Now that Aedan is getting older, he is becoming more and more interested in his toys and books. We have lots of storage in his bedroom for toys and books, but we spend most of the day in the living room. Before we used to just have his playmat and bouncy seat in the living room. Then I started bringing a few toys out after each nap. By the end of the day he had lots of rings, rattles and various other baby toys out in the living room. Instead of putting them away in his room each night, I decided I should just start a toy basket in the living room.

Hiro already had a canvas toy basket next to the table in the living room so I just added a second basket to the other side. Perfect. Well no, not prefect. One night I was looking at my toy basket set up and I just wasn’t happy with it. I just didn’t like the look of the canvas baskets on either side of the table (of course I didn’t take a before picture). Then it hit me. Why have two baskets on either side of a table that already has 3 baskets underneath it. So I just cleared out two of the baskets and made one for Hiro’s toys.


And one for Aedan’s toys.


Now that all the toys are neatly tucked away under the table it makes the whole wall look less cluttered. Ah, much better.


And now Aedan has a spot to play that is super easy to clean up when he goes down for naps or for the night.


I know the amount of toys he has will only get bigger, but I am hoping that we can keep most of them in his bedroom and rotate out the ones in the living room toy basket.

What about you all with little kids, how do you mange the ever growing collection of toys?



Life with Erin said...

So ironic that you posted about this today, because we just had that "We REALLY need to do something with all of these toys" chat this weekend. We are using a hope chest to store the loose toys until he gets older and wants to get them out himself. If I could only figure out where to store the activity gym, exersaucer, jumper and swing and still be able to use them all the time ;) Looks great!

Sarah said...
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