Jul 7, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress(es)

My good friend Unjoo is getting married in September and I am so exited for her. All the girls in my small group are going to be in the wedding party and she is letting us pick the style of our bridesmaid dresses. How fun is that! Looking back I should have done that with my bridesmaids. Anyway these are the four dresses I have to choose from.









We are getting them in black. I think I am leaning towards dress 3 or 4. I’m planning on going to try them on next week. I’m just hoping my breastfeeding sized chest doesn’t disappear after I order the dress or I may be in search for a padded bra before the wedding. :)



The Haynes Family said...

#4!! pockets!!! :)

cute idea :) they are all great choices.

Chelsa said...

they are all adorable!!
great idea by the bride :)

Bonnie said...

I think you would look great in #3 or 4; #2 might be cute but the model's picture doesn't do much for it.

The Haynes Family said...

p.s. I went down a dress size after I stopped BFing. Padded bras are a wonderful thing :)