Jul 11, 2010

Trip to the Country

We just got back from visiting Jon’s family out in Whitehouse TX. Jon’s parents live out on a few acres and have a whole slew of animals. Hiro usually has a blast out there, but this year the 3 dogs that my in-laws have were a little territorial and didn’t let him into their little group so Hiro spent most of the weekend inside with us. He did get spend the whole night on the bed with us both nights. He could be the worlds worst bed hog! Usually we only let him get up with us before we turn out the lights but we had to share a room with Aedan and we didn’t want Hiro wondering around the room all night with his nails tapping on the wood floor (I want wood floors in our house but I’m not sure I want to listen to that sound all the time).

Aedan did pretty well. He still doesn’t like his carseat too much, but he is getting better. He eats about every 3.5 hours so we still had to stop and feed him mid-trip. I am looking forward to when he doesn’t eat as often and we won’t have to stop for 30 minutes for him to eat. There was a lot going on all weekend so I think Aedan got a little over stimulated and was pretty difficult to put down to sleep at night but he slept well and took good naps. Hopefully we will get back on track now that we are back home tonight.

36020_577868405365_44406677_33247611_6329647_nAedan did get to try out a new toy from his Mama (Jon’s mom). I was surprised at how much he liked the little toys on the tray. He learned pretty fast how to tap the buttons to make the lights and sounds come on. Such a grown up boy! He is still learning that he can make it bounce. He gets a huge smile when I bounce him in it so I am sure once he gets it he will love it. Oh and he does have a little more hair than it looks like in the picture, it is just super white blonde. :)









35167_577877691755_44406677_33247842_4399922_nWe have also started him on some rice cereal a couple of times a day. He does not love it, but we are working on it. Hopefully in a few weeks we will officially start introducing solids. I’m pretty sure this face is saying “seriously you want me to eat this?!?”











We had a good weekend but it is always nice to get home. My parents are coming in town today and we have a big week planned, including some serious “bottle boot camp”. For now we are relaxing at home watching the World Cup Final will some good friends.


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Chelsa said...

glad you had a good weekend!
love the pictures of your lil' man! he is precious!