Jan 23, 2010

Class and Pictures

This morning Jon and I got up bright and early to go to our first childbirth class. It was pretty informative but some of the videos were pretty boring, especially the last one on breathing…I think Jon and I both may have dozed off during that one…opps.

When we got home we took Hiro out to play at the park. I decided to play around with my camera to take some pictures for my class. Here are a few that I like. These are all unedited (I’m working on getting the colors right when I take the picture instead of trying to edit it).


I need to make my shutter speed faster on this one since Hiro is a little blurry.





Jon took a few pictures too…this is my 32 week picture. :)




Chelsa said...

i like the one w/ the buildings in the background!

Jenn said...

Playing in the park with your puppy...what a fun afternoon!!