Jan 14, 2010


Ugh, Jon and I are both sick with a cold. I started to feel bad on Tuesday and Jon started to feel bad yesterday. This could be one of the worst weeks for me to be sick. I had to cancel my day yesterday which was supposed to consist of an assessment of a new client and an interview with a new potential therapist.

This morning I was hoping to feel better, but no such luck. Now I am running a low grade fever and have thrown up twice (gross). I had to reschedule 6 interviews that I was supposed to do today. Ugh. My last day with one of my clients is next Friday and we still don’t have a replacement therapist picked out.

Other than just taking it easy, Jon and I went to our first baby class last night. It was just a breastfeeding class and it went pretty well. I had called earlier in the day and let them know that I was sick and wanted to reschedule for the February class, but the nurse said she would prefer I come to the class last night…go figure. Jon and I just sat in the back and tried to avoid anyone. The last thing I would want was for another pregnant girl to get sick because of me.

I guess I am going to be spending this rainy day in bed reading or on the couch watching a movie.


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Chelsa said...

hope you feel better soon! it's never fun to be sick, but it is even worse to be sick while pregnant!