Jan 10, 2010

This weekend we…

  • Picked out a color to paint Aedan’s room (Raffia Cream).


  • Picked out a color to paint the study (Pebble Stone).
  • Ordered bedding set (got it tax free with free shipping from here).


  • Put together Aedan’s dresser (we put the crib together a few weeks ago).
  • Painted Aedan’s room (this was mostly Jon, but I helped tape and clean up).
  • Cleaned the house, did laundry and grocery shopping (this was mostly me).
  • Researched and ordered a rocking chair and ottoman for the nursery (having it shipped to the store so no shipping cost).

1113000208715_215X215 (this is a picture of the chair without the slipcover, we also got a beige slipcover for the chair and ottoman)

I feel like we have been pretty productive and the nursery is really starting to come together. I’ll post pictures once the bedding comes in and I get it all set up. :)



Chelsa said...

how fun!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

So cute...I love it all!! That bedding is great. And I love your rocker...I haven't picked one out yet and this just reminded me I need to do so! :)

Lyr said...

Love the rocker! Very cute! How exciting! Getting close! :)