Jan 25, 2010


I can’t get enough of these…


Sonic cherry limeades during happy hour are the best!!

On another note, I interviewed a pediatrician this morning. Jon and I are looking for one that will be flexible and allow us to do an alternative vaccine schedule with Aedan. I have a list of 4 that have all been recommended because they are willing to be flexible. I had a few other basic questions to ask as well. The one I met with today, seemed really nice and the office is pretty convenient to our house. For those of you with kids, what is something you asked or wish you had asked when picking a pediatrician? 

Today was my first day without an afternoon session (my last day with one of my clients was on Friday). It was nice to have extra time this afternoon, even though I spend the day going through resumes for potential new therapist and working on my BCBA study guide.



Chelsa said...

i can't get enough pink lemonade right now! lol

Squid said...

You've not written why you're choosing an alternative vaccination schedule, and if it's for personal or religious reasons, I respect that. But if it's because of your involvement with the autism community and related concerns, then I'd be grateful if you'd read my post on why I resumed vaccinating my child who has autism:


Wishing you well no matter what you choose to do.

Shannon said...

One of my big concerns choosing a pedi. was whether they had two separate waiting rooms for sick and well children. I didn't want to take my well infant to the doc for a checkup and come home with a bug they caught in the waiting room. Another big concern was Sat. hours. Kids don't just get sick Mon-Fri so knowing I could get in on Sat was a big relief. Can't wait to see Aedan :)